The Myth of More (not just another Fuji X100T review) | Randall Armor

I’ll say this right up front- what you’re about to read is not a review of the Fujifilm X100T. That’s a good thing, because I’m a lousy camera reviewer. So if that’s what you’re looking for, stop reading now and hightail it over to one of the many excellent camera review sites instead. You know the ones. Just don’t forget to help support these reviewers’ growing families and camera collections by clicking thru to one of their fine sponsoring vendors. You see, I’m in this for the pictures. I’m not a paid shill or toady for Fuji or any other manufacturer, although I would gladly cash their check in the unlikely event that they chose to send me one. I just bought a new Fuji X100T and I’m really impressed by it. But let’s get one thing straight here, OK? ……


Fuji X100T

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