How to make great music images | Great eBook by Flemming Bo Jensen

Flemming Bo Jensen is a professional music photographer and official Fujifilm ambassador from Denmark. Music, especially electronic music, are a big part of what makes his heart beat. In this 220 pages eBook Flemming covers all bases: gear, contracts, technique, post-processing. He didn’t hold anything back.

Abstract of the contents:

  • How to get started – How to get in the loop! How to create your portfolio, get known, get paid.
  • Processing and delivering – Covers processing, software, filtering and a step by step run-through of my workflow.
  • Contracts – There is a lot of debates about contracts. I tell you what I think, what I do and my experiences.
  • Preparations – How to prepare, client meetings, prepping gear, venue, light, stage, sound checks, being in the pit.
  • The guts of shooting – The most important part – make awesome pictures! Covers style, storytelling, light, action, audience.
  • Post Processing – How I post process my images with several step by step examples……..

E-Book: PDF format, 220 pages. 98 MB download, $6.99 USD

Source: Flemming Bo Jensen

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