Iridient Developer Fujifilm X-Trans Presets | Wim Arys

Brian Griffith from Iridient Developer just released a preset pack that attempts to reproduce the Fujifilm in-camera film styles. These include all highly regarded Standard/Provia, Vivid/Velvia, Soft/Astia, ProNegStd, ProNegHi, Classic Chrome, Monochrome, Monochrome+G, Monochrome+Ye, Monochrome+R and Sepia film emulations. You’ll also find the “neutral” styles which are not intended to mimic any of the in-camera looks but should give a very good colorimetric color match to standard color reference charts such as the ColorCheckerSG and IT8. These presets were produced without any assistance from Fujifilm wand may not give absolutely identical results to the in-camera processing. These presets are intended for use with the 16MP APS-C sensor models and have not been tested with the compact 12MP X-Trans models like the X30 or XQ2. They will not provide a good color match on compact X-Trans models due to the different sensor hardware being used.