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I’m the camera manufacturers’ worst nightmare. I buy a camera, I keep it for years. I buy a few additional lenses and keep those even longer. So it took a lot for me to switch from Sony’s NEX system – as it was known when I first bought into it, to the Fuji X system. I had started with the NEX5, eventually moving to the NEX7. Along the way I picked up a couple of Sony lenses and a couple from Sigma. The NEX7 was a great camera. If I had believed for a moment than Sony intended to develop the NEX line further (whatever they chose to call it) I would still be using it today. Unfortunately, it became clear to me that Sony had little interest in the NEX line having thrown all the company’s energies into the FE mount. So, with a little money to spend, and little confidence that spending it on NEX gear was a good long term investment, I finally made the change……

Source: pixcellany.tumblr.com

Fuji X-E2

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