Leica M 240 Review | Street Frame

Congratulations Mr. Coleman… It’s a Leica M 240! I can’t tell you how much I’ve craved this moment, how many times I’ve googled reviews, searched Flickr for examples of this cameras pictures, researched ISO performance, all the while wondering if I’d ever get one. The wait is over, I am now the proud father, erm I mean owner of the Leica M. Let me take you back a little, my first foray into the Leica world came a year ago when I purchased an M6. In all honesty I’d got fed up with autofocus, auto ISO and just about every other feature of modern technology that the digital world of photography had thrown at me. I’d turned into a robot, wandering the streets clicking away, shooting from the hip, of the various cameras I own. They all performed well, but I felt I was missing making a picture and was just taking a picture…….

Source: www.streetframe.co.uk

Leica M Type 240

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