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I used to carry one camera, but now I carry two. Why two? My main camera is a Leica M Monochrom, because I shoot black-and-white almost exclusively. However, there are times when I want to shoot color. Or I want a fast autofocus camera. Or I want a second focal length. I can get all of that with a Leica Q. For me, it’s an ideal complement to my Monochrom, even though it’s more likely than not that I’ll end up processing the shots for black-and-white. My alternate camera used to be an X Vario, which I still have. The Q is a better fit for me, because it’s full frame (as opposed to APS-C), and the attached lens is much faster (f/1.7 versus f/3.5-6.4). More importantly the Q has an extremely fast autofocus. I tend to manual focus most of the time, but there are situations where a fast autofocus is helpful, especially in low light. While the Q’s viewfinder is electronic rather than optical, it does a pretty good job of approximating the optical experience……


Leica Q

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