Mirrorless Magic | Patrice Michellon

French photographer, Patrice Michellon, talks about his switch to mirrorless cameras and shares how he combines Replichrome and the Fuji X Series cameras to make mirrorless magic. Tell us about yourself, both personally and professionally. How long have you been making photos? How did you get started? I’m French and German and I live in Paris, although I probably spend 1/3 of the year outside of France for business reasons (which have absolutely nothing to do with photography). I discovered photography with the introduction of digital cameras and only really started to take it more seriously in 2012. A friend of mine saw some of my pictures and asked me to shoot his wedding. Since then it’s been like a drug; there’s not a single day without thinking, reading, discovering and talking about photography……..

Source: www.gettotallyrad.com

Fuji X-T1

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