Northern light Lofoten February 2016 | Michael Schaake

As I am sitting in my office I get a notification from Facebook. Sebastian arrived on the Lofoten. I always wanted to go there in January or February. So I just booked a flight and here we go again. Sadly Natascha is not able to join, so is Frank. My base camp will be again Anne Gerd’s Lofoten Guesthouse – simply the best! I will drive to Hamburg, fly to Oslo, then fly to Tromsö and from there take the Hurtigruten south to Stamsund. What a wonderful trip…but a long one to finally get there. Everything is fine until I reach Oslo. Because of a heavy storm many flights are canceled. I am lucky and my flight isn’t – so I am on time in Tromsö. Around midnight the Hurtigruten arrives and I really am happy to spend 20 hours on the Polarlys – my favorite ship. The next day I am told that because of the storm it is not sure wether the ship will make it into Stamsund harbor……..