One Shot with Nicole Struppert | The Leica Camera Blog

My father always used Leica. I never understood his passion about it, until I also got infected! A couple of years ago I had a really tough time having two knee surgeries and wasn’t able to walk for nearly two years. Photography was always my passion and during this time I studied a lot about street photography. That was one thing I also wanted to do. I bought my first Leica, a D-Lux 5, and started with street photography. Photography helped me to get back on my feet and to practice walking again. After a few months with the D-Lux 5 I bought a Leica X1, and a bit later the M8. Leica stands on its own. I love the craftmanship and tradition which stands behind the camera – the love of design and details and, of course, the high image quality. I am currently working on a book of Shoreditch/East London. For that, I have images made with cameras from Leica, Fuji X and Nikon. The print results of the images taken with Leica cameras are in a different league. With the Leica files I don’t have to do lot of editing. The picture comes out the way I want it………


Leica M Type 240

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