Paris Engagement Photography Session | Sylvana & Jeremy |
Vincent Opoku

“Paris is always a good idea” and so is a Paris Engagement Photography Session. Engagement sessions are optional, do come at an extra cost but they are so worth it! Here is an insight into why I think they are worth the investment ; An engagement session gives us the opportunity to get to know a bit more about each other. We can go to a cafe, grab a meal and talk about everything (life, interests, wedding plans) and create some photographs along the way. Or we can plan a day out, to do an activity that you love and I will tag a camera along to document it. I try to get clients to understand that these sessions are not solely for taking photos but rather an opportunity to build relationships, to see each other as people and not just a business transaction. If we are going to celebrate one of the most important days of your lives together, let’s try and build something before that, let’s get comfortable with each other, let’s develop a level of trust between each other. It is also a good opportunity to gain an insight into how you and your partner interact with each other when there is a camera around. The photos we create are a bonus, they are yours to keep. As for me, it gives me the opportunity to try new things, take more risks and sharpen ideas that I can incorporate into my wedding portraiture skill set. Ultimately these sessions are never about the photos, they are about building connections and having fun…….


Fuji X100S

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