Re-visiting the Fujifilm X100T | Borge Indergaard

The initial X100T review I did can be found here: It’s almost been a year since I initially purchased a new black Fujifilm X100T and the two conversion lenses (WCL-X100 and TCL-X100). I only had that camera for about two months. I purchased it to test it out, and I was quite surprised how much I liked it and sad to see it go when I delivered it to the new owner. I didn’t see much reason to keep the X100T around after I was done with my initial test and review – so I decided to sell it. What a mistake. I instantly missed it. It’s such a great camera to use, and so light-weight and easy to carry everywhere. I didn’t enjoy using the M240 nearly as much as I enjoyed using the X100T. But the results from the M240 with a good lens was different. The M240 tend to produce images that have an alluring beauty. Silky, smooth, but still razor-sharp, with pleasing colors. The “Leica look”, according to many……


Fuji X100T

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