Review: The Black Widow, by Spider Holster | Colin Nicholls

I’m always looking for new ways to use and carry my gear, it seems that at every wedding I’ll have a new way of carrying 2 or three cameras from carrying bags to having a double shoulder sling to having them all around my neck at once, and nothing has really gripped me as the best method, thats when I heard about Spider Holster and thought; that just might do. The first time I saw this type of thing was while chatting to Kevin Mullins at a convention, he had one on his X100T and it seems to work great, nice a quick to use while being secure and no strap flying about, I set to getting one and this blog is a quick review with a few pictures and how I use the Black Widow and my general thoughts. The holster fits right onto your belt and is curved so it fits to the shape of your body, the ball-joint pin is attached by a washed and a screw to the bottom of your camera in the tripod mount and is tightened by the wrench provided, over all it’s super easy to set up and takes about 30 seconds to slip the holster onto your belt……


Fuji X100T

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