REVIEW: X-Pro2 Does Rally X-Treme | Jeff Carter


I would’ve liked to have had longer to take more test images and in more locations but we arrived late in Inverness due to the blizzard conditions in the Highlands and this also meant we had a long and hazardous journey back to East Lothian during the evening. We had to make a decision to only cover the final stage and the 90 minute delay due to a fire on SS2 earlier in the day meant we had limited time to take these images. All of the shots on this blog were taken on the X-Pro2 with the AF set to AF-C and Zone focusing selected.  The camera’s drive mode was set to Continuous High (8fps) and images were saved in RAW and JPEG (Velvia).  I used the EVF on the X-Pro2 as the OVF was not really usable with the long lenses I was using for this test…..