Snaps from Sabra with my X-Pro1 | Karim Haddad

While Obama continues to play politics with his Russian and Syrian counterparts in hopes of ridding the world of Assad’s chemical weapons, Syrians are getting killed with conventional weapons everyday. There seems to be no end in sight to a bloody civil war that has claimed the lives of over 100,000 people, and made refugees out of at least 2 million more. Most of them came to Lebanon. The UN has registered over 720,000 Syrian refugees here, but the government here says there are over 1 million who have fled the violence back home. Many of them now live in overcrowded urban areas where they are viewed with suspicion and scorn by some of the locals. These pictures were all taken in one of these areas. I had my X-Pro 1 on me but was not able to use it as much as I would have liked. The images here don’t even begin to show how difficult life in Sabra must be. It’s a place that exemplifies some of Lebanon’s biggest problems and how they keep getting more complex with time…..

Thx Karim for sharing the situation in Lebanon and your pictures!

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