Sorry Fuji Fans, The X-T1 is Going Back | The Wandering Lensman

After several days of making images with the X-T1 in a variety of situations and several times closely reviewing those images, I am still very disappointed in the mushy detail in the green foliage.  Balancing those feelings with the thoughts of how much I liked making photographs with this camera, how good it felt and what a joy it was to use, as well as how good the lenses are, in the end, I decided that I have to send them all back.  You can see some of the images and read about my experience here and here. From the comments I have received, X-Trans sensor cameras probably work better with Photo Ninja, Iridient and Capture One than it does with Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom.  But I use Lightroom and Photoshop.  They are my standard and my entire photographic editing and cataloging system is built around those two programs.  I have been using those programs, which are considered by many to be about the best in the industry, for 15 years (Photoshop at least, Lightroom since it was introduced). In today’s technologically advanced photographic world and, considering how much the craft and hobby has grown over the past 20 years, we, as photographers, should not have to modify our working procedures, buy additional software nor have to compromise when buying a new camera.  Parts of the same industry should work together seamlessly.  Sometimes they don’t.  But they should.  This is not the 19th century where independent photographic industry mom and pop outfits, inventors or small companies are developing equipment and processes independent of the rest of the world.  Things didn’t work together back then and that is understandable.  They should now………

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