Swiss travels | The Big Picture Gallery

A couple of years ago we went on a hastily arranged break and ended up in the Swiss Alps. I guess this became the start of my journey into serious landscape photography. When asked by my partner where to go, I mentioned that I fancied the Alps, half an hour later with the help of an online article from the Guardian, entitled Europes 10 best camp sites, we had settled on La Fouly in the Val Ferret. Close to the French and Italian borders and part of the Mont Blanc massif. So epic peaks and vistas beckoned. Camera kit comprised 2 D3 bodies and associated lenses, and I also took along the dinky little Fuji x100. Along with various filters and tripod. My girlfriend remarked about the amount of gear I was taking.  Never mind the hair drier, electric fan heater, and other assorted goodies she had managed to hide away.


Fuji X-E1

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