Fuji 18mm f2 review – A little piece of magic | Lyle Genyk

I am currently in the midst of a year long project that has me tied to a single camera/focal length, the x100T. As a result I have decided to do a small cull, and get rid of some gear I haven’t used in a while. During the sorting phase of this cleanse I took my 18/2 and put it decidedly in the “keep forever” pile. Here is sat beside my x100LE, and my 35/1.4. The 18 however stood out for me. I love the 18mm focal length. It fits my eye, it adds drama to images, its good and wide but not too wide. Did I mention I love 18mm? When I started my 23, the T and me project my biggest fear was not being able to use my Fuji 18/2. I simply love this little lens, there is something about its rendering that just seems magical to me. Its sharp, yet the falloff from sharp to unsharp is so gentle. Its bokeh, its flare, all perfect to my eyes. I like this lens so much I decided to review it. Its been reviewed a lot but imo gets a bad rap. I’m here to set the record straight. Consider yourself warned, this review will not be very technical, I am just not a technical guy. My photography is about feel, and my reviews are about my real experience in real world usage. If its test charts and brick walls you’re after, you have come to the wrong place……

Source: photogenykstudios.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18mm F2.0

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