The Devil, the Details & the X-E2 | Patrick La Roque

So the rumours were true: Fujifilm today announced the X-E2, a new, updated high end body for the X series cameras. If you followed the rumour sites over the past couple of weeks you probably already had a pretty good idea of the changes in store. Hard to control leaks I guess. But a lot of the refinements become obvious only once you’ve worked with the camera and in my opinion, these go far beyond mere specs and cosmetic alterations. I’ve been shooting with a pre-production version for a little over a week now, thanks to Billy, Guido, Evan and everyone at Fujifilm Canada. In fact, fellow canadian X-Photographers Don Craig, Kale JF and Riley Joseph all had a chance to shoot with one as well and we’ve even had some email conversations about it. I’m linking to each of their reviews at the bottom of this page and encourage you to read those as well for other impressions. I believe Kale will also be taking the camera to NYC pretty soon which should be an absolute feast for the eyes. The usual disclaimers about pre-production units apply (IQ not final for one) and there was obviously no raw support since it wasn’t even announced while we were shooting with it, so everything you see here was shot in jpeg. Anyway, in case you haven’t had enough of it, here’s some gear porn for you ……

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