The eternal chase. Fujifilm X-E2 sets new standard.
Is it reason enough to upgrade? | Don Craig

In the digital age, there is a never-ending chase to get the next best everything. In the case of photography, it is usually the next best camera body. Lenses tend to have a long life and lens technology hasn’t changed significantly in the past half century. There have been improvements in lenses, no doubt, but the fact that I can use 40 year-old glass on my X-P1 with excellent results proves that lens technology hasn’t gotten in the way of making good photos. (OK. So camera technology hasn’t gotten in the way of making good photos either. Just bear with me). Real or otherwise, I believe there is the perception that digital camera technology is developing fast enough to improve the photographic experience with each new camera. I don’t believe new technology makes better photos. You make better photos. But, as camera manufacturers refine their products, it can lead to a better shooting experience. Which, in turn, can lead to you making better photos. However, I am not going to argue this point, one way or another. And, I’m not going to argue about whether manufacturers use technology development as a means of selling more products, more often. That seems obvious. The question should be, does that technological improvement really matter to me, how I work and what I produce? Hopefully, the answer is a considered one and not just a continuation of the chase for the next best thing. in my personal quest to improve as a photographer, relating only to the equipment component here, I have sought the camera with which I can shoot effortlessly and get consistently excellent results. I don’t want to think about how the camera works, rather, I want to concentrate on making the best possible photo. I want that camera to work and effectively disappear during the process…….

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