The Fuji switch part I: Landscapes! | Ben Jacobsen

This post is a bit overdue and because of that it’s probably going to be a bit long…  In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been in the process of switching my entire kit over from a canon full frame kit to a fuji APS-C (“crop”) kit.  This has roots that go back about 5 years when I started shooting my PAD project with a panasonic GF1.  Since then I’ve always had a smaller camera of some sort for taking with me everywhere, skiing, on the boat, anywhere we go.  Last summer I bought a Fuji XE1 as that small camera option.  It was a good camera, better than I’d imagined.  It’s IQ is on par with or even beats canon’s APS-C sensors and it’s right there with the canon 5D mark II.  It’s really incredible what fuji has done with the sensor they’re putting in these cameras.  Once I’d had the XE1 for a while there were a few things it did amazingly well (image quality and portability) but a few things it wasn’t as good at (namely auto focus)…..


Fuji X-T1

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