The Great American Road Trip | Adriel Henderson

We just returned from the trip we’ve been planning and dreaming about for a long time, three weeks jaunting around the American Southwest in our little motorhome; California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, returning to Oregon through an Idaho perfectly flocked in snow. Some beautiful lands out there America! To keep things interesting I gave myself a little photography challenge: Could I capture the trip through the fixed 23mm focal length of Fuji’s X100t? No wide angle. No long telephoto. Just a ’standard‘ 35mm equivalent view of the world. There is some reasoning to this challenge, in that I plan to offer a photography class next year and the X100t seems like a great camera to use in teaching photography – small, simple manual controls, an excellent lens with a fixed focal length, and beautiful results. But I needed to put that assumption to the test, so I picked up a copy and dedicated it as my go-to camera for this trip…..


Fuji X100T

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