The Rig: Kevin Mullins | Jorge Ledesma

My name is Kevin Mullins. I’m a professional documentary style wedding photographer based in Wiltshire, England. I’m originally from Wales, but settled in our little market town around seven years ago with my wife. We now have two little people running around, and a Whippet, that seems to spend all its time asleep and avoiding running around. I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for five years or so and have always been an avid fan, and shooter, of candid images. Images that are not staged, or contrived, not girp-and-grin or set up portraits. Rather, I want my images to tell a story – each and every one of them to have a narrative within the bigger picture of the wedding day. Outside of running my business, and my family, I’m a huge Rugby Union fan (I’m Welsh by birth) and spend as much time watching and playing as I can muster. I also like great cigars and good Scotch Whiskey…..

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