The story how I got married with Fujifilm X-Pro 2 | Timo Soasepp

The writer (call him Timppa), is a passionate shooter who works as a documentary wedding photographer. I want my work to feel like a hobby. I don’t take it too seriously and it doesn’t exhaust me completely. The next text is to you. To photography lover who desires creating and catching memories on to film. Is there a beer or a halfway gone bottle of wine left from the weekend in your fridge. Take it with you and let the story take you with it. The following photos are taken with Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and the product photos with Fujifilm X-T1. t was the December 21st when i saw her (you read right, her) the first time. The dark and depressing weather had been over Helsinki for weeks. On that very day there was a moment that gave it a little light. I’m having lunch with couple of my friends in the corner table and i had just had the first bite of my appetizer when i got the first look of her. My heart started pumping more and more the longer i looked at her. An hour passed in seconds and then she was gone. I was left only with a memory of how beautiful species we were talking about. Everything seemed right and wait of many years was over. This will be the camera that turns a next page in my photographing history – reign of Nikon was over……..

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