Tilt screens on all Fuji X series. …… If you like | Simon Peckham

Every now and again a piece of tech pops up and offers a solution for a way of working that is sometimes a problem. I’m quite used to popping my camera in unusual positions or angle to get a shot, either up high or low level. Most of the time I can stretch or get down to a position that is comfortable. However this is not always the case or even possible. So up pops Eye-Fi that can be used amongst other obvious studio environment benefits to solve a problem. This can be great for difficult camera positions or situations where you need to review shots but maintain fully the camera position at all times. For example long exposures. So what it all about. Firstly you need a mobile eyefi SD card with built in Wi-Fi, set it up with an account and away you go. Pop the card into the camera just the same as a regular SD card. You need to check if it works with your particular camera make and model. I can confirm it works with my Fuji X100 and my Fuji X-E1…..

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