X100S Vs. Nikon Urban Myths | Robert W Boyer

I wrote a few feelings on the the state of union here in digital photography land to open the year. It was a mixed bag of sardonic humor, facts, feelings, praise, and condemnations. I focused all of those thoughts on two camera companies acting as archetypes. Archetypes in the sense that you could substitute other names in there and my general observations and feelings would be similar with merely a few details shifted around a hair. I try to keep an overwhelming balance on this blog on in-camera work, sometimes lighting thingies, my own observations on operating characteristics that affect making pictures – at least the things that I feel are the meat of the matter. I attempt to shy away from bullshit that is pure myth or misleading gear blather. Overwhelmingly my philosophy can be summed up with do what works for you. Personal experience beyond the anecdotal is a far sight better than all of the gear reviews, suggestions, and other people’s preferences combined……

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