Time to move on | Philipp Winter

For the last 2 and a half years I’ve been shooting with an X-E1. It brought me back my joy in photography, when I was struggling to carry my 5D II to vacations, road trips etc. And it endured many curses over that time, when my daughter was faster than the AF. Which happened to be many many times… But at least I had my camera with me nearly all the time! Fuji provided many Firmware upgrades, which evolved the camera in a way I wasn’t used from my Canon history. Kaizen, lichtscheu ♥ you! But as time passed, new models came out. The X-E2, the X100s and entry level cameras live the X-A line and X-M. Every new model reflected points consumers demanded, and my beloved X-E1 reached a point it couldn’t keep up the race……..

Source: www.lichtscheu.org

Fujinon XF Lenses

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