Using a Fuji X-Pro2 at a real wedding |  David McClelland

I’m delighted to share with you this wedding of Aoife and Patrick at The G Hotel in Galway. I’d never been to The G and I’m sure that anyone who has been there can agree with me that it’s all a little bit of a shock to the senses when you walk inside. No two rooms are the same, every wall seems to be either a different colour or texture. It’s a very fun place and for a photographer, quite the playground. I was blessed with Aoife and Patrick because they wanted to keep things nice and simple. So simple in fact that Aoife didn’t care about getting a shot of the dress on a hanger or shoes sitting on a box. She wasn’t worried or concerned with getting shots of the girls helping her into her dress. No, all Aoife and Patrick wanted from their photography was that it was natural, and of the moment – with a few creative shots added to the mix later when we had some time to play with. Music to my ears. There was a little bit of added fun to the day with the fact that this was my first wedding I shot with the Fuji X-Pro 2. I’ll leave a bit of space at the bottom of the blog to tell those interested about my experiences if you’re interested…….