Walking the streets of Rio with the XF35 F2 & XT-1 | Caveira Photography

Well, it’s been 48 hours since I arrived back in Australia from my 5th visit in ~10 years to Brazil and I’ve got 100gb+ of images to work through from my 2 weeks in the country. It was my first time visiting Brazil with decent photography skills and of course, my first time with my FujiFilm kit.Leading up to this trip was a bit different than previous times, in the sense that recent media chatter about the country being ‚terribly unsafe‘ and rampant with Zika had, for the first time, left me questioning my safety during the visit. Had Brazil suddenly changed? Did its beautiful, rich culture and warm-hearted populace change in a matter of 3 years since my previous visit?Thankfully, no. Brazil is still as I remember it from my 4 prior visits, and its sociable and outgoing way of life is still very much intact, with people who frequently go out of their way to say ‚hello‘ and ‚good day‘.Like every country though, Brazil certainly has its issues, but I’m not going to get into that here.Ever since my first to Brazil in 2006, I have been fascinated by the overtly social manner in which Brazilian people go about their lives. I still vividly remember the Tuesday morning bus ride in the outer suburbs of Rio that created this feeling as I watched the day come to life, which sadly, was contrasted with a drive by viewing of a recent murder scene…..

Source: Walking the streets of Rio with the XF35 F2 & XT-1 – CAVEIRA PHOTOGRAPHY