Fujifilm X-T2 | James Day

I remember coming home most days to see my dad sitting in front of the TV, watching the bold and the beautiful while flipping through the latest issue of the B&H Catalogue. The catalogue was filled with hundreds of cameras, lenses, accessories and basically was designed to slowly convince you that you needed the latest Minolta APO-G Lenses, at least that’s what happened to my dad.I remember picking out my first camera in that catalogue. We then went to visit Photo Continental in Brisbane to sus it out. Then I had to wait most of the year before dad would finally buy it for me for Christmas. This camera was a Minolta Vectis 40. It cost around $600 at the time from memory. These days, they’re going for $23.03 on eBay.Anyway, this started my love affair for new gear. The reason I loved the Vectis 40, was because it had a new system called Advantix, which was the latest, greatest way of shooting film at the time. It gave you lots of different cropping options and made shooting film fun again.These days I’m a total gear hound. I have cupboards filled with random gear. Stuff I use regularly, stuff that’s there for a rainy day and stuff that I just should never have purchased…..

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