Wedding Photography Bath – Fuji Xpro2 | Michael Gane

Well, I’m really loving the Fuji Xpro2, its been several weeks now using this fabulous camera, its another fuji camera in the X range, as many of you may already know I have been a Fuji wedding Photographer for about 3 years now and I’m a reel fan of these mirrorless cameras. This Gallery is a few images that I photographed at a wedding in Bath a couple of weeks ago, as usual, rather than produce a detailed Blog about the settings I use and information with regards to the technical details (Plenty on line if you need to read this) I like to show the images from the camera. We were very lucky with the days weather, the lighting was just wonderful, I was shooting in Full manual as this is how I like to photograph wedding’s, the camera is fast, light and the detail is stunning, hope you enjoy…….

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