Why 16 Megapixels, When I Could Have 50? | John Sherman

If there was a 100 MP DSLR announced tomorrow, I would pre-order it, then spend many sleepless nights waiting for it to arrive. I’d suffer nightmares where Imatest monsters would kick Zeiss Otus’s around and laugh at their feeble attempts at keeping up with my high resolution camera. It would get even worse when I put a second mortgage on my house so I could afford the new supercomputer to crunch those images. I’d pace the halls of my house, past my favorite matted and framed 24”x36” lens chart prints, while wondering if I needed a car with a bigger trunk that could carry enough CF cards for a day’s shooting. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Even if they plopped the Lincoln Monument in the middle of Yosemite Valley I could take the architecture in the grand landscape shot with only a 12-16 MP camera and never know the difference between it and my 100 MP dream machine. How can I say this? …



Fuji X-Pro1

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