Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review… The Fuji Awakens | James Brokensha

So where do we begin? The Fuji XPro 1 was the camera that started it all for the Fuji X system. Granted the original X100 was the first in line, but it was the XPro 1 that was first to feature the exceptional X-Trans sensor along with the first batch of Fujinon lenses we’ve come to love. It was launched in early 2012 along with a trio of primes and then at a staggering rate Fuji introduced new X series cameras and lenses. Any replacement for the XPro1 will have huge shoes to fill, it’s not all about specs, speed and wifi (although very nice) it’s about how the camera makes you feel. That’s what the Fuji X Series is really about. Until the XPro2 arrived my main body has been the XT1. It was a great camera (and still is). But it wasn’t my favourite. That place was reserved for the XPro1 with all it’s faults, funny noises and quirks. I just enjoyed the form factor and the smug satisfaction that it was a bit niche and not for everyone. What I really wanted was an XT1 inside a XPro body. Thats what Fujifilm have just given us….and a whole lot more…..

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