How wedding photography has changed over the last 16 years and
what all photographers can learn from it | Bradley Hanson

The first thing that comes to mind is that 16 years ago everyone was shooting film and newspapers were just starting to transition to the original digital cameras. 16 years ago brides were reading their local wedding magazines. Now they are reading online magazines, print magazines, and getting dress/hair/makeup/decoration ideas from Pinterest.  They are definitely exposed to significantly more options than ever before. In 1999, very few people were shooting B&W or only shooting a little bit on the side. The photographic style(s) are significantly broader now, too. Around the time I started shooting, the movement was toward photojournalism and a more natural style, whereas before that everything was largely staged. It might be hard for new wedding photographers to imagine that! Once the movement toward documentary weddings was underway, there was no way of putting that cat back in the bag, and I am grateful for that! ……


Fuji X100S

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