Shooting Black & White with the Fuji x100s | Nicole Struppert

I got so much feedback after my Barcelona Posting where people asked me how I process my B&W pictures. I have been in Dubai last week and used this trip to shoot some B&W images. It was my first trip to the Middle East and I loved it. I honestly have to admit that I didn’t do lots of people street photography cause I wanted to respect the culture. Of course I could have asked – but I do prefer getting the most out of my picture – the real private moment. The x100s is a beautiful camera – especially for Black & White photography. Most of the time I shoot RAW & jpeg. The jpegs are great out of the x100s but the RAWs have more information and if I am having a „gold keeper“ I want to get the best quality out of my picture. Here are my settings for the Black & White pictures with the x100s …..

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